ExoPlanets Multiplayer


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Game rules

The ExoPlanets 3D multiplayer game allows you to launch a spaceship and explore the galaxy in search of resource planets that you can land on and mine resources from – which will be converted to ExoTokens. 

You must own at least 1 ExoPlanet and 20 ExoTokens in your Ether wallet address in order to be able to play. If you do not own any ExoPlanets, you can purchase one in our galactic market.
If you do not have enough ExoTokens you can buy them in ErcToken.Market Exchange or in this ExoTokens faucet tool. Check our Discord or Telegram channels for more info. 

Launching a spaceship and start the game will cost 20 ExoTokens. After the transaction is approved you will gain access to the game for the duration of the timer until it hits 0. You will be able to mine any available resources on the planets in the game. 

When the timer hits 0, the galaxy and game are reset and all resources will be replenished. You will also be logged out and will have to pay 20 ExoTokens to play in the newly replenished galaxy. Try and launch a spaceship right after the reset happens to maximize the amount of resources available in the game! The longer you wait, the more other players will mine before you and leave you with empty resource planets.

How To Play

Once you enter the game you will control a spaceship that was launched from your ExoPlanet. You can land on resource planets in the galaxy to check for any available resources and mine them. When you land, your spaceship will deploy to a base and you will control a drone on the planet’s surface with the ability to mine. Other players might already be there and mine as well, so be quick and try to mine as many resources as possible! When a resource is depleted, it will disappear until the galaxy is reset.

When you are done mining you can return to your deployed base on the planet and convert the resources mined into ExoTokens! You can also keep the resources on you and go to other planets in order to mine more resources before converting them to ExoTokens. The resources will be kept on you until the timer hits 0, so be sure to convert the resources before the galaxy is reset or you will lose the resources that you have not converted to EXT yet. 

 If no resources are found on the surface of a planet then it means someone else has already been there and mined them. Try to launch back to space and check other planets for resources, or wait until the timer hits 0 and the galaxy is reset.